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Polyester 24 x 24 inch Cushion Insert - Set of 2. by Lushomes. Rs.1, Rs.1, Save Rs. (44 % Off) Ships In 6 Days. Add To Cart. Polyester 14 x 20 inch Cushion Insert. Wide Range of Cushion Inserts Online. Cushion insert, cushion fillers in a set of 2, fantasy cushion insert, 16 inches joy cushion, single cushion filler, micro.

With this Cushion Source 24 x 20 in. Solid Sunbrella Chair Back Cushion , your home's outdoor furnishings will stand out from the rest. Durable fabric construction helps it survive all types of weather conditions, while the ultra cushy CumuPlush filling Cushion Source 24 x 27 in.

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Bring upgraded comfort and style to your patio with the Belham Living Acrylic 24 x 24 -in. Ideal for your favorite outdoor chair, this welted, deep-seat cushion is covered in durable acrylic fabric that's designed to Stores are responsible for providing Bizrate with correct and current prices. Sales taxes and shipping costs are estimates; please check store for exact amounts. Product specifications are obtained from merchants or third parties.

Although we make every effort to present accurate information, Bizrate is not responsible for inaccuracies. What a great tutorial, man do I wish we were neighbors. My sewing machine and I got a divorce years ago…lol I was forced to buy store bought ones….

This is a great tutorial! I have new cushions now because I afraid to make them , but next time I need or want a new look I have super directions that look easy enough for me to tackle! I like your other post too, with the how to on the back cushions! Thanks much and I love your fabric choices, the furniture all looks so fresh and enticing!

Wow, Christy — totally awesome cushions. I love them, the fold over on the edge looks perfect!! Such a fabulous after: I want to do this with my patio furniture now. So excited to find this! My mom is a fantastic seamstress so she did her thing with the pattern, but your post totally inspired me to get on the ball and do it! Here is how they turned out: Wow Christy, it looks like a totally new patio set! I love the fabrics you chose.

Wow, you are a genius. I am so glad I stopped by. I am hosting a giveaway via Arcadian Home on my blog. It would be great if you could stop by. Have a lovely day! My chairs are still ok.. The gallery is a lovely place being filled with great blog posts like yours and other fab bloggers.

Oh you make it look SO easy for this non-sewer! Thank you SO much! I keep looking at my washed out old cushion covers and thinking I need new ones, but they are so expensive! I always find good deals at Hancock and you totally convinced me that I can make my own…and that I simply must have stripes: If you get a sec this weekend, I am hosting a Linky party and would be super excited if you stopped by to share this awesome post!

Thank you so much for sharing this and for making it so easy to understand! I felt so intimidated to try it until now! This is really simple so dust of that machine and get to it! This will be very helpful. Awesome…I hope you find this to be helpful! Good luck with your patio set! I love that I was searching for sewing cushions and your blog came up! I remember seeing it a few weeks back on FB. That is crazy awesome!!

These are really easy to make! I came up in my own search ha ha! Good luck with your cushions! Ok so I checked out your site and I am blown away by the beautiful sound that you and Megumi make as a team!!!

How amazing is it that you get to do something you love that you are obviously so talented at???! I live in Az and the dust is terrible in the desert! I need a better color for my outdoor set! However I think I can do this after reading your post. Thanks very much for sharing your skills!

Yes, you CAN do this!! I am so glad I found this! Last night I almost lost my mind trying to sew new covers for my outdoor furniture. I did this same thing for our outdoor chair cushions.

It is incredibly easy. Though I think I will take your suggestion and just make new ones when these have had it! Heaven knows I have enough fabric stashed!! I have been covering mine like this for years too, but decided to share it this year. I was really surprised to see how much positive feedback this post received. Some people are terrified of sewing, but I wanted to show how simple it could be!

Thank you for your tutorial I am going to try and get mine done before my sons birthday bbq this weekend. I tried to find replacement cushions but the prices were so outrageous that my husband wants to get new furniture. The chairs are still great and it would be a shame to get rid of them.

I am so glad I found your tutorial. My next decision is to find some affordable fabric and wipe the dust off the old sewing machine. This tutorial is super easy and your set will look new again! Dear Christy, love your tutorial, the pictures are beautiful, all so easy to understand. My elderly father needs new cushions, shopping around I was blown away at cost to replace. How would you cover a cushion with top and bottom connected? Thankyou for the inspiration.

Hi Deborah, thanks for your sweet comment! I wonder if you could lay the two-piece cushion flat and make a cover for the entire thing, but make it a tad bit longer. This is such an awesome tip! I am so inspired by this post and keen to revamp my outdoor setting with new cushions.

I am looking to buy my first sewing machine. Any tips for this sort of DIY job? I would like to use outdoor fabric similar to yours. Does the machine need to be heavy duty.

Any suggestions would be great! You just need a basic machine. I like Kenmore and Singer. A simple machine will sew outdoor fabric no problem. If you were to sew so with something really heavy like a denim, you would just change out the needle for a more heavy duty one.

Thanks for the blog. The cushion cover is pretty and the color of that is also amazing. This is a way we can deliver a new look to our house but the best part is that we can do by ourselves the work of cushion cover sewing. If you only have a couple of cushions to sew, you could do it by hand. I think they would hold up just fine.

Aww, sorry to hear about your divorce lol! Thanks for the tutorial. Have you tried this over cushions with welting? My original cushions had welting and the new covers looked great. Outdoor fabrics usually have pretty patterns too which helps.

Hi, love this tutorial! Our cushions are cheap and not comfy. Is this a good idea? Would love to hear your thoughts! You can buy foam, but it is a bit pricey. I think as long as the material you cover them with a decent quality outdoor fabric water and weatherproof , that should be fine. Oh Christi, your pillows are so gorgeous! I need to recover oour cushions but am hesitant….

It looks like so much work….. Yours are so pretty…!! Hoping you have a terrific week…. It seems like Sunbrella is the best but so pricey. Thanks for your advice! They have a great selection. Now to find an old couch on craigslist! I actually also just found this sight which has Sunbrella fabrics for less. Christy, I remember this post from last summer. I love these chairs. You done a fantastic job redoing them. What type of material is this?

And where did you get it? Any outdoor fabric will do and they had a great selection last year. I was looking at outdoor types and they can be pricey: Could I use any fabric and just be sure to store them when not in use This way would be much cheaper ……..?

I am soo confused with ordering online. Swatches seem to coast 3. Buying online seems to be harder than in person, but such a better verity. I believe it was originally The outdoor fabrics are more water resistant and fade resistant than regular fabric, so I would try to find something recommended for the outdoors. And yes, that is for one yard. I began to worry this was going to be just as pricey as buying new cousins, but I found some really cute fabrics on sale at fabric.

I was able to order enough fabric to cover 8 chairs, a bench and a few pillows for under 80 bucks. Could you go into a little more detail please? You put the cover back on after sewing the two side seams, and then what? Christy, could you explain exactly how you pin the fabric at the corners?

Thanks for any help you can give a newbie! I replied directly to your email with a photo to better explain the corners, in response to your last inquiry. Did you not receive it? Maybe it went to your spam? I had the same question about the corners. Would you mind going into more detail? I am having a problem visualizing it. It all sounds so easy except for the corners, which is the part that makes them look more professional.

Excited to get started! Thank you so much for that. I was sewing horizontally instead of vertically. Now it makes perfect sense. I appreciate it, thank you! Hi Christy Thanks for sharing this tutorial. You make it look so easy! I just bought outdoor fabric and will be using it to cover 12 new, bare cushions for 6 chairs.

It looks like your back cushions are the same shape as your seat cushions, with the box corners. My back cushions are shaped a little differently — more like your accent pillow but larger. Do your cushions stay put without them? I would not do square corners on the back cushions.

Instead, I would make a cover more like a pillow case, but with the opening across the bottom. If the corners are rounded, you can put it on inside out and pin the corners to get a more tailored fit.

As for the ties, my cushions originally had ties, but I covered right over them and did not add new ones. Because mine are a bit on the large side, they tend to stay in place pretty well. You could easily add them if you decide you need them. Hope this is helpful! This looks so easy!

I pinned the side seams, took the cover off and sewed the side seams. Then I put it back on still inside out and folded the corners down and pinned. Removed it again and sewed the corner seams, then turned it right side out and put it back on. Then I hand-stitched the back closed. Ahh, I think i get it! I now realize the back is open and the corners you sewed were the front where the fabric is folded around.

Makes way more sense, thanks for the response! I love this tutorial! I have two great big standard poodles, who are wonderful!!!! But they needed good beds so looked around and got my hands on some couch cushions, one was to small and two was to big so I cut one in half. Then covered it in batting and covered it in a nice easy to wash cotton.

They love their new beds and they look so much better than ugly store beds. I have a silly question. What kind of thread did you use?

Is it necessary to use outdoor thread? Love your tutorial by the way! ANyhow, I was just wondering since the outdoor fabric is kind of thicker, do I need to be using a thicker needle on my machine? Also, do I need thicker than average thread to sew them?

I used a regular need and all-purpose thread and they worked just fine! The foam is ridiculously expensive, open up one of yours and see if it can be saved. Mine were pretty bad this year before I recovered them, but they were perfect inside. Amazing what ten years or so can do!? So, unfortunately, we are replacing them. The chairs and cushions look awesome! What color spray paint did you use for the chairs? I apologize if you already posted that and I missed it.

It was just a basic brown in satin finish. I think yours are the same colour. You are the best! Thanks… I needed that…I make dog collars by hand, but needed a little assistance on sewing up some fresh cushions and pillows for my airstream trailer. Best to you for sharing. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!

I can barely turn on my sewing machine and I managed to update my deck cushions in around 4 hours! Just to say thanks for the tutorial! My patio furniture set was also from Target with white frame and light green cushions. I have not sewed in decades. Your directions were so easy to follow.

The only problem I had, was operating my sewing machine…. I have mentioned you in my blog. Christy—thanks so much for your tutorial! I used your directions to recover my outdoor cushions and love the results.

Just checked your chaise out and your cushions look perfect! I appreciate the link back and the positive feedback. SO glad I could help! Thank you so much for this great article on recovering patio furniture. The transformation is amazing! Good for you and thanks for taking a minute to share! Thanks for the tutorial! I made some cushions for a large indoor chair we have been needing to update.

Your tutorial made it very easy and manageable! Made both cushions in under an hour. I quoted you below: Should I be able to get just one chair covered per yard of fabric or will I be able to cover two chairs 4 cushions total. I am confused about your total of 8 yards, as it looks like you covered new throw pillows, too. Would the 8 yards include enough for six chairs and the pillows?

You should be able to cut two side-by-side. I did use around eight yards for mine, but that probably included my throw pillow fabric also.

You can always take a cushion or the measurements to your fabric store, and the associate will be able to help you figure it out if you want to be sure. I apologize for not being clear in my post. Good luck with your cushions!! Figuring out how much fabric you need is the hardest part. I ended up taking my old cushion covers off as they were shredded, and I found garage sale chair cushions and used the inside padding of those to beef mine up a bit.

My box corners are not perfect, but good for a first-timer. Those are a lot harder than they look! I wish I knew how you got yours squared off so perfectly. I am just about to hand sew the backs and I realized I did not leave enough material to do a nice big envelope fold like you have.

I am pinching to cover and it is causing some puckering in the material, but I will make it work. Did you do anything special to get the smoothness and the nice high point in the middle of your cushion?

Mine seem to be a little wavy and not so smooth all the way around. I sewed them snug, like you suggested, but they do not look as good as yours. I made extra throw pillows with new cushions and they are full and beautiful. My cushions were originally very boxy in shape. I wish I could say it was my expert sewing skills ha ha. As for the wavy areas, I used a striped pattern so I was easily able to sew very straight seams by following the stripes in the pattern.

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