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Photo creatif Tino Rossi At the corner For a retro glam bedroom style, play out a steamy love scene straight out of the pages of an 18 th century romance novel when you combine a corset adorned with fancy rose brocades and sexy shoes inspired by the Victorian era. They're merely feet coverings.

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Usually this is a sexual preference or an unconscious reaction. This attraction is considered normal by both men and women but as it is sexual in nature it can in some men lead to an obsession that may develop into a fetish.

Lastly men who cannot understand why women attach so much importance to shoes of any type and are shocked at the amount of shoes a women owns and how much she will spend on a pair of quality heels. This group does not tend to contribute anything worthy of debate.

The fact that an item of clothing could arouse such extreme emotions would normally seem absurd. In the case of high heel shoes I am not in the least surprised as heels have always held a special place in the heart of many women. Please pay us a vist at the following web address and have a look around. Because high heeled shoes make our legs look sexier.

Because men designed them for their pleasure. Those are just a few reasons why every single woman on the planet doesn't just have three pairs of shoes: But that's exactly the answer. Women use shoes to show individuality and femininity or strength or naturalness or a million other facets of their personalities and lifestyles.

Men have one little item of great importance that makes them who they think they are, that separates them from other men, that makes them feel or look or act stronger or weaker. Getting From A to B. High heeled shoes can empower a woman or weaken her, it depends on the style, the height, what they're worn with, whilst flat shoes neither empower or weaken.

They're merely feet coverings. That said, there are times in a woman's life when she wishes to be neither powerful nor weak, but simply needs to get from point A to point B in a practical and comfortable manner. That's why nearly every woman has a few pairs of heels, but at least one pair of flats, for those days when nothing but the road ahead and the steps underfoot have any importance.

Although the main reason that women wear high heels may simply be due to the fact some queens, or would-be female monarchs, were un-regally short in statue, it also developed into a sign of affluence.

But, fashionable, affluent ladies, BEWARE, since wearing high heels at some points in history, like during the French revolution, could cost you your head! Sex and the Shoe. In another episode, Carrie attends a baby shower. Concerned about dirt and germs her guests might carry on their soles, the hostess asks the guests to remove their shoes before entering her apartment.

At the end of the afternoon, Carrie can't find her Manolos: Having shoes as the protagonists of such a popular TV show has transformed a secret label known to only a few privileged fashion insiders into a mass myth at least as far as its followers are concerned: The Blahnik brand has even penetrated the world of rap music.

In Jay-Z's song "Bonnie and Clyde," dedicated to his pop star girlfriend, Beyonce Knowles, the rap artist promises to love and cherish his woman by offering her an Hermes "Birkin" bag, a Mercedes Benz, and a pair of Manolos. Manolo Blahnik, the man behind the label, was born in the Canary Islands in After studying fine art and architecture, in the early s he moved to New York, where he met Diana Vreeland, the legendary editor of Vogue, who encouraged him to design shoes.

His first devotees were the most glamorous actresses of the age: Today his shoes can be found not only in high-class boutiques and on the feet of celebrities such as Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston, but also in design museums. Manolo's comment on the lengths people will go to for a pair of his shoes, and for shoes in general, is: And they cost less than a piece of jewelry, or an haute-couture frock.

Belgian loafers, inspired by the traditional footwear of Flanders peasants. Made of felt, with leather trimmings and a little tassel in the center, these loafers ensure that the lady of the house always has a smile on her face. If the lady is leftward-leaning, and the house in question is not the family apartment in Val d'Aosta but instead a radical-chic farmhouse in Tuscany, she will be wearing a pair of colored velvet slippers known as friuliane. Another fan of comfortable footwear is the ultratraditional woman.

She has always chosen what are known as penny loafers, the most classic loafers in the world. When she was young she wore them with a coin in the groove, blushing at the idea of wearing the penny on the right or the left to indicate whether she was single or already taken. Later she got married in a downtown church, and when cracks began to appear in the marriage, she consoled herself by moving on from penny loafers to loafers with high, clumpy heels an utter abomination.

In fact, the husband ended up eloping with the baby-sitter. Monday, June 17, The origin of the high heel goes back many centuries in history. The origin of the high heel goes back many centuries in history. The first precursors of stiletto heels were discovered in a tomb of Tebas in Old Egypt, and date from BC.

They became fashion things for noble class at the end of 16 century. At that time, the heel of reached 3 inches, shoes body was more slender. Even all the people who walked on road wearing the same design shoes because that just one style of it can be produced based on the technique in that period. Reasons against wearing high heels, which are almost exclusively health and practicality reasons, include: They can cause foot pain.

They increase likelihood of sprains and fractures. They make calves look more rigid and sinewy. They can create foot deformities, including hammertoes and bunions.

They can cause an unsteady gait. They can shorten the wearer's stride. They can render the wearer unable to run. Altered forces at the knee caused by walking in high heels may predispose to degenerative changes in the knee joint.

Foot and tendon problems as listed below. Women who wear high heels frequently have a higher incidence of degenerative joint disease of the knees. This is because they cause a decrease in the normal rotation of the foot, which puts more rotation stress on the knee. Reasons for wearing high heels, which are almost exclusively aesthetic, include: They change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves.

They change the wearer's posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion. They make the wearer appear taller. They make the legs appear longer. They make the foot appear smaller. They make the toes appear shorter. They make the arches of the feet higher and better defined.

But I find it somehow inspiring as well. Maybe if I started training now In modern society, high-heeled shoes are a part of women's fashion. Saturday, June 15, High-heeled footwear. High-heeled footwear often abbreviated as high heels or simply heels is footwear that raises the heel of the wearer's foot significantly higher than the toes and often can be worn without socks. When both the heel and the toes are raised equal amounts, as in a platform shoe, it is technically not considered to be a high heel; however, there are also high-heeled platform shoes.

High heels tend to give the aesthetic illusion of longer, more slender and more toned legs. High heels come in a wide variety of styles, and the heels are found in many different shapes, including stiletto, pump court shoe , block, tapered, blade, and wedge. According to high-fashion shoe websites like Jimmy Choo and Gucci, a "low heel" is considered less than 2.

Although high heels are now almost exclusively worn by girls and women, there are shoe designs worn by both genders that have elevated heels, including cowboy boots and cuban heels. In previous ages, men also wore high heels. The history of the high-heeled shoe, or a shoe whose heel is higher than the toe, is a matter of contentious and heated discussion.

Shoes in general have typically served as markers of gender, class, race, and ethnicity—and both the foot and the shoe have been imbued with powerful phallic and fertility symbols as evidenced in the contemporary practice of tying shoes to a newlywed couple's car. No other shoe, however, has gestured toward leisure, sexuality, and sophistication as much as the high-heeled shoe. Fraught with contradiction, heels paradoxically inhibit movement in order to increase it, at least in appearance.

Standing in heels, a woman presents herself already half-walking while at the same time reducing the length of her step, fostering the illusion of speed while suggesting an imminent fall.

The higher and more unstable the heel, the more clearly these contradictions are expressed Kunzle, [where? Doctors and scholars alike have argued about the physical and cultural effects, both positive and negative, that heels have had not only on women, but on society as a whole.

Posted by liang zhang On 3: If you are a shoe lover as much as I am, you probably have over a dozen stunning high shoes in your cupboard. However, when is it really appropriate for you to wear a pair of high heel shoes? I've seen women wear high heels on many occasions while they sacrifice the comfort of their feet. I find that there are only certain occasions and events to which you should wear your sexy high heel shoes.

There are certain places you shouldn't wear them to. Here is my list of places which are either appropriate or inappropriate. Appropriate occasions for wearing high heel shoes. If you are going out on a date with a gentleman, especially if it's the first date, you can put on your sexy shoes. You will appear to him as a confident lady. This is a quality many men admire in a woman. Better yet, you'll be seated most of the time so your feet won't get hurt.

Receiving an invitation to a wedding is an honour. With wedding costs skyrocketing, couples are compelled to invite selected guests only. Weddings are occasions usually celebrated in style where guests are required to be dressed formally. When you choose your elegant evening dress you can certainly put on a pair of sophisticated high heel evening shoes to complement your dress.

If you are going to a year-end function or any corporate function for that matter you need to look powerful and professional. A woman wearing a beautiful pair of high heels indicates to her colleagues that she is confident, strong and determined. Furthermore, while you are mingling and moving around, you'll find that the shoes are actually quite comfortable and manageable.

Inappropriate occasions for wearing high heel shoes. We all love to get attention but getting attention at a shopping mall is not good. Shoppers tend to gawk and criticise ladies who wear high shoes in malls. Furthermore, high heels are not made for walking long distances and you could easily walk 5km in a mall. I don't know about you but I'm not going to walk 5km in my heels. Why should I put myself through that pain?

When you are travelling by plane or train, you'll have lots of luggage that you'll need to lug around. Yes, I know there are trolleys but there are some areas that you can't use them and you still have to lift your bags. The extra weight of the bags could hurt your ankles. So consider your feet the next time you travel.

High heels are a girl's best friend but only when you wear them at the right time. Better Fitting Footwear cc is your online shoe shopping site. Making it easier more convenient and faster to purchase your best friend, we all know women can't get enough shoes, it's her best friend forever.

Thursday, June 6, High Heel Shoes. High heel shoes for women are hot, sexy and downright glamorous. We all know how high heels are bad for the posture, how we can twist our ankles miserably while tottering on them or how badly it can affect our spines; but, when it comes to the crunch, wearing a pair of high heels for a special occasion, do we really care about what the doomsayers keep harping on about the bad effects on our body?! Wearing them can make even average people like us feel like a diva!

And to the Carping Cassandras, the advice would be to try on high heel shoes just once and experience the transformation! High heel shoes are mood uplifters. Which women amongst us will not appreciate the way it elongates our body, stretches our legs to infinity and gives us that supremely confident walk practice, practice, practice! Not all of us are blessed with shapely legs and if high heel shoes give us the chance to resort to trickery of creating an illusion of slimmer and shapelier legs, why give it a miss?

After all, even supermodels require help! Short calves suddenly look longer, leaner and meaner when wearing high heels. The position of the derriere and the chest change giving a more sensuous posture and a more graceful walk.

Petite women need not be looked down upon by tall, statuesque women; wearing a pair of high heel stilettos will do the trick of bringing them to the same level.

They also need not look like midgets besides their tall if partners. Can you imagine a sunshiny summer day without a flirty, summer dress? And what better to complement the dress than a pair of high heel strappy sandals?

Whether you are lounging on a yacht sigh! Even if you are just grabbing a sandwich in the office break, wearing high-heeled shoes to work occasionally will be a sure-shot antidote to all the office drudgery, unless of course, you are straight out of 'The Devil Wears Prada' movie! Your office uniform, perhaps, consists of pencil skirts or trousers and teaming those with high heels will give you an air of authority, even if you are not the boss!

And if you are the boss, so much the better; the power of feminine authority is never more evident than when clacking around in power suits and high heels and feminists can just glower! Going to a party straight from office and no time to change; don't worry, stash your high heels in your bag in the morning, put them on in the evening and whoa, you are ready to rock! High heel shoes can transform the drabbest of outfits into something personable.

There is an aura about high heels and no amount of gloomy prophesies of a doomed health will take that away from them. Have you ever wondered how those Latino sirens manage to move so gracefully when executing those sensuous dance steps?

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